April is our favorite!

April is National Counseling Awareness Month, and an important time to recognize the benefits of counseling in today’s society. Raising awareness of the various kinds of counseling helps to erase stigmas that are so often attached to the area of mental health, a stigma that can often prevent people from seeking out the treatment they so desperately need. People may also resist counseling because they are afraid they are totally alone in the way they are feeling. By raising awareness, it can help these people open their minds to the idea that they are not alone. Hearing other people’s stories of how counseling has helped them can open the door for better mental health.

Awareness in the area of counseling can also mean counselors sharing ideas and brainstorming about ways to better improve their skills in working with clients. Many different societal trends can affect what counselors may have to deal with when working with clients.

There are counselors available to deal with almost any situation you are struggling with, whether it be depression, life decisions, relationship difficulties, and so much more. Making the decision to see a counselor can be a life changing experience that can put you on a pathway to a happier, fulfilled life.

We want to be your resource for counseling! Our counselors have specialty areas including parenting skills, emotional regulation, trauma work, stress management and improving health and wellness! #esupportcounseling

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