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Updated: Jul 11, 2018

July is the month we celebrate our independence and celebrate the many freedoms that we have. One of these freedoms is the freedom to take good care of ourselves, physically and mentally #selfcare. Studies have shown that there is a big connection between our mental and physical well-being. When one area suffers, the other area can suffer. For example, people who are depressed will often show physical symptoms. According to, some of these symptoms include: increased risk of heart attack, weight fluctuation, constricted blood vessels, increased sensitivity to pain, and difficulty making decisions.

It is important to recognize the connectivity between our psychological and physical well-being because all of us will be sick or have something that can affect us psychologically at some point in our lives. Such triggers can include things like:

· Job loss

· Divorce

· Death of a loved one

· Money issues

· Illness

Even things we would consider positive life changes can come with a great deal of stress that can affect us on many levels. Some of these might include:

· Job promotion or a new job

· Buying a new home

· Having a baby

· Inheriting or winning money

· Getting married

· A child leaving home

Understanding the connection between mind and body is very important because it will help us to be aware when something is out of sync. Recognizing this will enable us to seek the help we need, whether on a physical or mental level. The freedom to care for ourselves is one of the greatest freedoms that we have. This month, as we celebrate our nation’s independence, take the time to do a personal inventory to see if there is anywhere you may be struggling to be at #optimalhealth.

Help is always available to those who seek it and our counselors are ready when you are! #esupportcounseling

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