Over thinking, worried, racing thoughts?

Do you struggle with “High-functioning anxiety”? If you do have it, you may not even recognize it because “anxiety” is often associated with difficulty functioning in this fast-paced society. High functioning anxiety, however, presents a very different face to the world.

Those who suffer from high-functioning anxiety are often very successful in all areas of their life. In fact, they would often be characterized as being overachievers. Their appearance is one of self-confidence and happiness because the person becomes adept at presenting a façade to the world. According to Very Well Mind, High-Functioning Anxiety has both positive and negative characteristics. Some of the positive characteristics are:

· Outgoing

· Passionate

· Orderly

· Proactive

· Punctual

· Loyal

· Detail-oriented

· Calm

Some of the negative characteristics are:

· Overthinking

· Insomnia

· Racing Mind

· Procrastination, followed by a last-minute rush to complete a task

· Overloaded schedule due to the inability to say “no”

· Inability to enjoy the moment

· Comparing oneself to others

· Mental and physical fatigue

· Intimidated by the future

· Avoiding eye contact

· Loyalty to a fault in relationships

· Potential for substance abuse as a coping mechanism

Those who suffer from high-functioning anxiety often do not seek help because they do not recognize their symptoms as being particularly harmful because the anxiety may drive the cleaning or perfectionistic tendencies. They see their successes as evidence that they must be doing things right, even though they do not feel okay inside. They know the struggle is real and don’t know how to approach life differently. They also have a tendency to assume that what they are going through is the same as what everyone else is going through and just a part of life in today’s world. An internal struggle is not always seen as a reason to reach out for help, especially when their life is so successful in so many ways.

If you believe that you struggle from high-functioning anxiety, there are some things you can begin doing to help yourself. Be sure to get plenty of rest, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, replace negative thoughts and beliefs with affirmations, use deep, diaphragmatic breathing to calm your brain down and begin to regulate emotions. Think about discussing your feelings with your friends or loved ones for support, or seek professional help. If you are interested in feeling less anxious, talk to a counselor who specializes in anxiety disorders. A well trained counselor will be able to help you reduce anxious thoughts and better manage your day to day struggles. #counselorshelp

high functioning anxiety

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